Friday, April 22, 2011

Myriel comments: Do we really need a 1My Email?

As citizen of Malaysia, i really think that the Government shall not proceed with this move. I have few reasons that were explained below here.

If there is a reason saying that we need to use 1MY Email so it will easier to Government to send notifications like MyEg services for example, hey come on,i have been using my personal email few years to renew my road tax and some for in and out of all my transactions between me and Government but was all that cost anything to Government?

Indeed it is, but it is not as high as to setup this 1MY Email even if Government claimed that they did not put any capital to start this one of GTP project,as it says.
One thing that i wonder, i found out this Tricube is almost bankcrupt so how possible it can provide 50mil if there is no involvement at all from you-know-who-else?

Answering article in TheStar "Why so fuss with 1My Email" there is a concern from myself of easier cyber crime target that will lead to the information manipulative especially spammers.

How can it be?

There is high percentage that information leaked by all involved especially Government servants who are in desperate to get extra income as we all had seen with nowadays, spam messages inundated into our hand-phone inbox. Who should be blame here? Us or the one who spam? Or shall i say can we point finger to the one who gave our numbers to spammers?
But when we ask for justifications, telco company simply answered this is beyond their control and not them to be blamed.

How about scenario when you were just finished with your SPM examinations (i believed all of you had experienced this) and suddenly while waiting for your results you received lot of envelopes containing offers to further your studies at private school? Does it make sense if there is insider who sold our information to these people who send various offers either by envelopes or by going to your hand-phones inbox. Off course it is, isnt it?

So how easy this should affected to 1MY Email. Can you foresee it?

How much money will be spent by Government then?
I agree from money wise, it is possibly true that all 50million expenses to setup 1My Email by a company named as Tricube(perhaps it is yes, or else better it would to go subsidy our petrol price or to subsidy the skyrocket chicken meat price).

However, is it worthy to risk all 26millions of Malaysian data and information even if there was no cost at all from Government but only to provide one side benefits to gain advantage by putting adverts or perhaps spammers that will only goes to Tricubes, and in one case perhaps there is commission received to Government? Who knows....

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