Sunday, April 03, 2011


Not about Overtime....Not the famous Old Trafford.....But it is Onitzuka Tiger Shoe

One word, COOL
Another word, OMG for its price. Hopefully what i saw only for the Limited Editions shoe.

Simple yet sleek and has elegant touch

Another design that caught my eyes (Jaga kau,sure will get headache one day i visit the OT store)

The LIMITED EDITION Mexico 66 Deluxe (Nippon Made), price at RM 1499 really made me heartache at first and some fresh air. It is Exclusively sold at Tangs Departmental Store

For those has fallen in love at first sight, check it out here(click at here) as there is none official boutique store in Malaysia.
Or you can go to its official website, here (click at here)

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