Friday, April 15, 2011

Riel exposed : Malacca vs Portuguese

What had really happened during war of Malacca vs Portuguese in 1511?

What we had been taught in History subject during secondary years regards on Malacca Sultanate collapsed to Portuguese? For some, they keep thinking but for some they did not bother anymore as it is Historicians duty to find the truth about it.

As for me, i could not keep my curiosity any longer which the the reason why i have to dig the truth. Let me remind for some who had forgotten, it was mentioned from the 1st chapter in our History Books the necessity to learn the history are to know the history of our nations and to build greater nation by looking back the mistakes done by our ancestors which lead to their fall.

It was stated Malacca had been surrendered to Portuguese in 1511, which earlier the assault was ignited when one Portuguese( i could not recalled what is his name,perhaps it was De Squeira or Ruy de Araujo)had been detained in prison although it was merely a reason to start the assault as we all know the imperialism by Portuguese and Spain were done due to 3 reasons, Gold, Gospel and Glory. And yes,it was 3G. Hehe

We had been taught Portuguese commander's name like Albuquerque and many more like De Squeira and Ruy De Araujo ,spelling mistakes hope can be accepted here as i am not historicians, but an avid reader since young age) but one thing i observed, who actually lead or being a General of the Malacca sultanate when Portuguese assaulted Malacca?

Only thing that i knew, Sultan Mahmud with his son Sultan Ahmad and their Bendahara(the same position like our Prime Minister) Tun Putih or Tun Mutahir(could not really tell as i am not historician to remember all names) with their loyal armies fought with Portuguese before surrendered the sovereignty of Malacca.

There are many questions that i still curious and needing an answer:

Who is the general from Malacca side who lead in battlefield against Portuguese, as we know that time Malacca does not have the 5 Hang's anymore since they all lived during Sultan Mansur Syah's reign.

As we all know, the hierarchy of Malacca sultanate was started with Sultan, goes down with Bendahara and Temenggung who controls the land battlefield while Laksamana who controls the sea battlefield. Exceptionally during Laksamana Hang Tuah (admiral Hang Tuah), he had been given responsibility for both due to his excellence jobs every time Sultan ordered him to go to battlefields.

Why this had not been stated in our text book which looks likely some points were hidden and some points were highlighted?

Why there is no details of story before Malacca Sultanate surrendered to Portuguese? Huge and strong fortress, strong fleets of armada and advanced weapons used by Malacca Sultanate are my assumptions on reason why they,Portuguese had several to make attempts before eventually they able to conquer the Malays Malacca kingdom.

I still remember in the text book was only mentioned the moment of Portuguese captivity that lead to the assault which mentioned Portuguese with its huge fleet full equipped with bombers and arsenals arrived at Malacca port described as the busiest port in the world at that time.

Here are the reason i wondered most. Imagine this, Malacca Sultanate prospered due to having its busiest port and able to control Malacca Straits but why there was no information at all about Malacca Sultanate armada at the same time it mentioned about Portuguese?
Could it be logically sounds, one empire could rules until Sumatera and some in Java land,Kalimantan until part of Thailand if they dont have strong and huge fleet of warships? That could not be, isnt it?

The same thing when it was mentioned several attempts by Portuguese before eventually Malacca fall onto their hands.

Could be logically sounds, it came for several attempts from Portuguese if it was not from Malacca's strong fortress full equipped with huge guns and huge armada same as like Portuguese had?

If they,Malacca Sultanate went to war only with keris, do you think it would makes several attempts before finally this great Malays empire collapsed? Imagined how easily warships full equipped with guns could easily conquered Malacca. But it wasn't easy for Portuguese, was it?

and yes, like all fortress that has their own weaknesses were revealed by Malacca's greedy servant which lead Portuguese to enter from other way around. But was it sufficient by only relies to strong fortress to hold opponents if Malacca Sultanate don't have their own advanced weapons like guns, mortar?

This has made me mind boggling.

While at the same time in text book telling how prospers Malacca Sultanate was, but on the other hands it looks like it had been described the kingdom with no technological superiority in its weaponry but able to conquer Straits and other kingdoms, sounds very ridiculous and hilarious.

Was it being hidden intentionally to make Malays think they are weak and don't have great Kingdom so to let their motivations or emotions down?

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