Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Be ready for fuel subsidy rationalisations

Be ready for fuel subsidy rationalisations

Expect the expected hike of RON95 that currently retailing at RM1.90 per litre to be happened soon.

The issue does not end there as everyone should knows that if the price of RON95 is increased it will gives a massive chain effect includes contributing to the hike of other goods as well.

We have seen traders have taken the opportunities to speculate price of all goods which later these costs will turn to Rakyat.

Rakyat have been suffocated with recent goods hike as such price of chicken meat that was skyrocketed since Japan's earthquake and tsunami in March and not to forgotten the recent hikes of sugar price. Sugar price indeed looks like a least affected but it in disguised it has given chain effect on price of condensed milk.

On the other hand, Government could not take action to offing the subsidies if they still letting loose on extravagant expenditures by their departments as revealed by auditors annually.

Undoubtedly, the rationalized of fuel subsidy must be taken out soon or later but how sincere Ministers to bear the burden altogether like how Singapore's ministers pledged to have their pay cut.

Would our Ministers bold enough to take pay cut like how their counterpart did in Singapore?

P/s: Please don't use comparison of oil prices with countries which dont have oil field as a reason to offing fuel RON95 subsidy. That was a lame facts.

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