Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday!!!

First of all, it is belated in here in my blog but off course it is not that i have not wished at all to her,to my wife. No, please do not misunderstood.

Let me say one secret, if you do not want your blood spillover or precisely do not want the world war 3 to happen at your home then please ensure you wish your wife's birthday as well as your wedding anniversary promptly. Don't ever wish them late or with reason forgotten because it will only make you digging into your own grave. Agreed huh men out there?

Well,it was decent celebration,i can say. Went to KLCC, had meal at Chillies and then brought her to Coach Boutique. A day without have thinking of works or on-call because i had retracted it earlier so i could spent my precious time with my precious people in my life.

To her, i hope you like my present. Next in september,it will be my turn. Be ready to empty you coach purse. LOL!

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