Monday, May 23, 2011

iPad2 still have an edge compared to its competitors

iPad2 still have an edge compared to its competitors

When it comes to hardware specifications,it is no doubt iPad2 is playing catch up to the likes of Samsung Galaxy Tab or Motorola Xoom or even with HP TouchPad.

However, same theoretically we put on mega-pixels of camera it was just one of bit besides of image processing software to consider that particular camera is worth of every pennies. This is where the aspect of other competitors seems neglected unlike Apple.

Apple realized that great technology does not relies on good aspect but it comes with powerful software that allows you to interact with your videos,music or photos as well as being portable. iPad is a testament of Apple's understanding in combining of both hardware and functional software something which i doubt on its competitors solely focus on hardware specifications alone would not help them much to match the superiority level of acceptance that Apple's iPad has relished

As matter of a fact,when Steve Jobs points out his presentation, Apple's competitors in the Tablet space are still finding it difficult to compete on price. According to him, most tablets in market out there are US$799 (RM2400) while iPad2 starts at US$499 and one model out of its six exceeds US$799.

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