Monday, May 23, 2011

iPhone4: Celcom vs Maxis (comparison side by side,neck to neck)



Who is the winner? Guess who?
Looking by the lowest package offered by Celcom,Exec i98 is clearly a winner over iValue Lite and iValue 1 of Maxis. The reasons are:

iValue Lite perhaps is cheaper in term of its monthly fees but with only few MB for its data usage, it would bring you nowhere unlike logical data usage 2GB offered by Celcom's Exec i98. Even with iValue 1 could not beat it.

But when it comes to upfront, i am not very clear who has distinct winner here because Maxis does not stated how much upfront needed unlike Celcom put figures in details. Still,from my understanding Celcom is the avid winner when comparing contract 32Gb phone for 24 months which you could own it at price of RM 1,868 comparing with iValue Lite of Maxis you need to fork out RM2,290.

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