Sunday, May 08, 2011

My Riel follow-up comments on MRT alternative, BUS mode is the answer

If MRT too costly and risky to our financial, then what do you have to do?

The answer is to conduct studies if there is an alternative which you do not have to get this question back to you.

Previously i had my say regards on Iskandar thought to plan 500km MRT to be built there. Wondering why our Government say that building underground mode in Klang Valley MRT that could cost 5 times more if whole line is built underneath but they could afford to build 500km MRT in JB? I believe the cost building 150km underneath would still be cheaper than 500km MRT system proposed in Iskandar Malaysia,JB.

Please refer here(<--Click here), that i would say BIG YES to government to study alternative method if they are so fussy with their money coffins instead of the sake the latter huge traffic congestion people would have to face if they Government still insist in building 1/3 of line by elevated railway.

Yes, definitely it is BUS system but in this case it is not the ordinary system like you guys have or had used. It still the normal bus, but different categorization and proper stations like what we have seen in LRT mode system. Interesting? Yes, it is and it has proven in Brazil in one city called Curitiba that even when people nowadays say to live in green world we have to reduce carbon emission people in Curitiba have already done that in decades by totally not relying on private vehicles instead opting for bicycles and BUS as their transportations mode.

The key words are Dedicated Lane for BUS.
I believe you guys must be already skeptics when i mentioned dedicated lane for bus which is not same like what you have seen at few roads here in KL that already BUS\Taxi lane. Off course it is not same at all because it is not DEDICATED lane whereby all buses will stranded in traffic jam like other vehicles on the road. DEDICATED in here means the lane for BUS will be separated physically from other vehicles even though sharing the same road or highway. So there is no reason for BUSES to not to reach on-time unless they are pathetic moron drivers!

When i traveled far from Cyberjaya using LDP and have to access another prime highway which is Federal Highway either i gone to KL or Shah Alam, i realized all major highways that have common issue during peak time as well as non-peak time are bypassed the main area commercials and residential area.
When i have to send my wife to KL Sentral from Cyberjaya, i have to use Old Klang road and bypassed Federal Highway too before reaching at KL sentral.

All these roads you would not ever see clearer roads or smooth sailing journey even you went out home early. Gone out at 6am?you crazy....Then if another year gone out at 6am does not even gives you favour and still stranded on the road, you would like to go out at 5.30am? So what is the purpose of Government that have to provide proper and affordable TRANSPORT,EDUCATION and HEALTHCARE to Malaysians? Think that!

Back to the stretches i mentioned earlier you would see, from Cyberjaya to Damansara, there will be 2 major highways commonly used by Klang Valley people that are LDP and Federal Highway.
From another stretch, Cyberjaya to KL Sentral you would see OLD Klang road that is intersect with Federal Highway as well before reaching to KL Sentral.

Instead of building of highly cost MRT system and the pain that people would endure i would to suggest Government to study the feasibility to have BUS system by using their dedicated lane. I am proposing the stretch between LDP from Cyberjaya then it goes to meet another major BUS station at NPE that is intersect with LDP at Sunway Pyramid. The stretch will continues to Federal Highway which will have another major BUS station. Here,people that tend to go to Klang will have to take another bus without have to pay another fees. The same with people who would like to go to KL, they have to take another bus that will go stretch until KL Sentral. While for those intend to go Kota Damansara will have to use the same bus until another major BUS station.

This is merely a sketch of how it should goes which i believed if proper studies being carried out, i am quite sure the effect could contribute much to lessen our traffic congestion in there 2 major Highways.

Bus from another stretch from Klang would stop at Federal-LDP Bus station, for those who would like to go to another line (in this case Cyberjaya which would go through NPE-LDP Sunway Pyramid Bus station).

For those whom destinations are to KL would not have to go out from BUS because the bus i mention here only for different type of bus. So there are different type of buses as well here to eliminate the time bus have to stop. This is the case you have plan to take direct bus from Klang to KL stretch unless you want to go to Sunway Pyramid and you living in Klang so you have to take one bus from Klang which then it would stop at major BUS station before it stops at Federal-LDP station. Got the idea?

Give your say about this idea, Do you think it is feasible and able to alleviate our already huge traffic congestions?


.ace said...

Erm, the link is to a "so refreshing" video?
And you do know why it costs come to build underground in Klang Vally than in Iskandar JB right?

Am_7riel said...

oh,my bad...thanks bro....luckily i did not paste any 'refreshing' website...yeah off course,i you think it is better to build elevated railway and endure all pains for another few years stucked in more chaotic traffic congestions?
We are able to build it,finger crossed due considering so much money we saw government spent heavily on unnecessary projects either intended or not.

.ace said...

aha. from an economical standpoint, it does looks as tho it's ridiculous to spend that much of money. But in a long run, it is better to build underground, which it does in fact have it's effect on the economy.

The stupid thing is that the planner in the local municipal don't plan this through. not working with the government vision. Seems like the municipal planner never plan for anything beyond 5 years, bad access roads and such.

Personal gain oriented.

Am_7riel said...

my bad,ace my dear friend. luckily it was not a 'refreshing' website for guys like us,you know what i meant,lol!

off course it is costly when we say property values here if that is the reason but somehow we need to understand whether all of us the Klang Valley folks can endure another massive traffic congestions at affected planned elevated railway? can we?

we did not do proper feasible study as what HK and Singapore did before they implemented the BUS+MRT routes while here what i can say the MRT project is just for developer's GAMUDA and MMC gained. Finger crossed it will be old same story like LRT systems, the stations is not at proper place while the integration with other public transportations is in messed. Last but not least,only few stations do have park n ride systems.What justifications they did when they decide some must have park n ride and some must not? Can i say SYOK SENDIRI?