Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mum,chongmal kamsahamnida!

Thanks Mom!

If i could find one word to describe my gratitude to my mum for made me into what i am today, there isn't any,i presumed. Even if i could repay with all things in the world that i could give, it would not equivalent at all with all the hardships she had endured since i brought into the world and actions that i had caused her pain.

Thanks my friends out there who does not appreciate your mom, appreciate those moments with your mom when she still here in the world.
For some people,they will only value the person when she does not any longer living in the world but would you want that be happened?

You cannot turn back time,so value the moments before you will regret the whole your lifetime. Listen to Mother song from Sami Yusuf,then you will understand what i have tried to say here.


kelly jr said...

ni np plak tetbe ni?

Am_7riel said...

saje nak berterima kasih.xade special ape pon....