Monday, July 04, 2011

Malaysia goals and moment vs Taiwan in 2nd Legged

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1st world class goal from our centre-back Aidil Zafuan.

Another world class goal by our captain,Shafiq Rahim enough to sink Taiwan from advancing to next round.

1st penalty

2nd penalty but our goalkeeper Sharbinee Alawi however managed to stop it from going into our net,another vital action to deny Taiwan going through to next round. Thanks Sharbinee Alawi who was replacing our main keeper due to injury,Khairul Fahmi Che Mat.

3rd penalty?Damn you Vietnam referee! How many penalties you would like to reward to Taiwan,huh? Taken by their Taiwan born players playing abroad,in Belgium League.

In the end,Vietnam's referee proved that Taiwan won 3,i meant 3 penalties but none being rewarded to Malaysia. If this clearly not a penalty, why it has not been replayed? Does it not make sense there is something fishy here for the whole match?

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cant wait for the next round

Pengakuan yang tulus dan jujur

Am_7riel said...
same goes with me....