Thursday, July 14, 2011

Malaysian Super League: New season,another new stories

Another hope to revive the dire states of our league?Lets hope for it

as truthful as it is alleged, the Malaysian Super League next season will see return actions of two import players with clause only to the team that really capable in financial stature. Simple benchmark, any team still strut with problems to resolve EPF issue with their players then do not dreams have to import players.

FAM also added rules that any import players from Southeast Asia must be a national player, while from the Asia or Oceania should at least playing with the club from Division two.

League format, however, still remain with 14 teams competing inSuper League and 12 in the Premier League.

PKNS and Sarawak have been Promoted to Super League while two based teams in Super League, Pahang (yes! finally .. no special hands are barring them from going down to Premier League)and Perlis are going to compete in Premier League.

In addition, Charity Shield will not be counted as a Super League match. Most surprising is the inclusion of Young Lions team is none other representing our fierce rivals, Singapore.(bring it on, now you have taken spit you throw to us,didnt you FAS?)

P/s: Can FAM affiliates which comprised of state or club FAs to be more professional as it is named? How long do we need to hear players did not get salary or delayed or issue with non-solving EPF? and how come inclusion Young Lions exchanged with our Harimau Muda A to play in their league can be said as Win-Win? i could say it is win-win if we could get more tickets quota when we playing against them in Singapore.

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