Friday, July 01, 2011

Super Junior - No Other

Another very nice song from Super Junior,sooth to your earbuds even from the very first attempt you listened to it.
A song that i have been listened lately special dedicated to the most beloved person in my life
No other than my wife,Pn Murni and little princess,Zahra Adriana
and to all people around me
whom i valued and appreciate your existence.
Neo gateun saram tto eopso (there's no other like you)
eodiseo chatni neogatchi joheun saram (where can i find a good person like you)
neogatchi joheun saram(a good person like you)
neogatchi joheun maeum(a good heart like you)
neogatchi joheun seonmul(a good gift like you)

1 comment:

Am_7riel said...

at first i thought it was Dato Lee Chong Wei who made intro dance in this