Sunday, July 10, 2011

Trip to Singapore for 1st Leg | Singapore vs MALAYSIA

Tickets available or not? We will be crossing across the causeway.You dare?

Ayah PIT (Apit also known to few as Freddie Marciano) and for some otai2 ULTRAS MALAYA, including myself will go to Singapore whether we have ticket or not

The main mission is to get all of ULTRAS to Jalan Besar Stadium.For those who in KL, who dares to do it with me?

For Ultras in JB, you may contact Ezawan Din Mohammad aka MEd for dealing with a car trip to Singapore. No bus trip will be managed by the STU for the information, except through a trip organized by KPSJFC (Cyber ​​Johor FC Supporters Club).
Quoted from Father Pit:
"This time is serious.Will get bus when we have the list of names.

Remember, this is a trip without a ticket.
Remember, this is a trip
without a ticket.

Who wishes to join please leave a name. For those have not been doing so, somehow interested and have the courage please give your name the doc Trip to Singapork (without ticket) in STU FB Group.

I dare, do you?

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