Thursday, August 11, 2011

Indonesia Football Team Secures Two Friendly Matches

What happen to Malaysia in getting their international friendlies?

Indonesia will face the country’s Under-23 team at Manahan Stadium in Solo on Aug. 18 before hosting Palestine at the same location on Aug. 22, the Indonesian Football Association (PSSI) confirmed on Wednesday.

After those warm-ups, the Merah Putih will travel to Amman for a friendly against Jordan on Aug. 27

The PSSI held unsuccessful talks with Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand, and North Korea’s offer to play in Jakarta fell through after it asked for a $150,000 match fee in addition to room and board. Discussions with Yemen and East Timor also proved fruitless.

Source was taken from Jakarta Globe.

P/s: At least Indonesia tried to get a sparring rather than Malaysia who had opportunity to pit skills with Oman and Indonesia but suddenly pulled off with no strong reason. They are serious to provide competitive match under their players' belt despite one match was cancelled or rejected after another.

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