Thursday, August 04, 2011

International Friendly: MALAYSIA vs Oman

10 Aug 2011

Malaysia senior team will pit their skills against a World Cup qualifier team,Oman who are 107th FIFA ranking in Muscat 10th August 2011.Malaysia meanwhile are 146th ranked in FIFA.

Farizal Marlias former main goalkeeper and veteran rear-guardian Norhafiz Zamani Misbah who impressed many during Malaysia XI vs Chelsea are amongst big names included in the Rajagobal's 25 men squad. There are one or two new faces been called up like KL goalkeeper, Norazlan Razali, Terengganu attacking midfielder Joseph Kallang Tie who impressed for whole season in Super League and Kelantan defender (apologized for could not recalled his name).

Also widely reported there is another World cup qualifier bounded team Indonesia have invited 2 legged match with Malaysia but how far it is true none of both sides have confirmed.

P/S: Hopeful that Rajagobal would attain Brendan Gan service who plying his trade with Sydney FC in A-League to testify his ability by donning the famous black and yellow stripes jersey. Would it be materialised?


Anonymous said...

Gua msh x puas hati n depress...

Gua nk tpl satu dunia

Mkn Oman cancel coz pikir x bebaloi lwn team rajag.
Dgn Singapore dgn percaturan die ni pn klh, ni kan Oman.

Ni pdpt gua (panassss ooo)

Sokongan bukan x patriotik atau bermusim tp sbb sayangkan peluang Harimau Malaya:

1. Bila lg ada peluang lwn yg x terlalu sukar ke pusingan seterusnya?? Mkn lepas ni x dpt lg team semudah Singapore.

2. Mkn peluang terakhir utk player terbilang mengembangkan potensi tahap lbh kompetitif (World Cup Qual.) kerana faktor umur ie: Safee, Mat Yo etc. Lps ni ada npk pengganti???

3. Player terpilih dilihat bukan berdasarkan merit n x terbukti/ terpilih pun dlm prkt lbh rendah eg: Guru.... , etc. dan terbukti x pernah perform eg: Fakr.
Jadi fikirkan ANDA pilih atas FAKTOR APA???

4. Paling penting DGN. SIAPA KITA KALAH??? Negara kecil berpopulasi kecil atau serpihan KITA. x kira la ada "import" ke coz bukannya hebat mana pun.

Jadi fikirkanlah. Mmg pemain dh buat yg terbaik TAPI yg boleh diperhalusi/ pertikai adalah PERCATURAN / TAKTIKAL rajag.

Sori klh ngan Singapore buat brutal pun rasa nk nangis...

Am_7riel said...

Chill man,if you questioned about rajagobal tactical,why only now you started moaning about it?why people did not start questioning it when he brought back sea games gold medal or when he guided team lifted AFF Suzuki Cup.There is a time team lost and win,at the end of a day,it is not just about tactical but also players who play crucial part in making sure the tactical or strategy became successfully deployed.
To me,prepare the team with aninternational tempo whilst at the same time maintaining our grip in FIFA ranking is necessity rather than playing exhibition matches like playing against EPL clubs.
Oman have invited us playing with them,it is a chance that you as minnows need to grab.

Am_7riel said...

Just take a look all great teams,sometimes there will be hard time and sometimes there will be in peak times. Perhaps this is another trying time to national football team,but we have good squad.But it will be lesson learnt to all squad and even with Rajagobal,quite certain of it.To people who calls themselves as supporters,never stop believing.If you were,it is your choice to decide.
We have young squad,and the next 4 years,yes Safee Sali maybe wont be around,maybe....but Mat Yo for some people called him, he is still 24 years old. Safiq Rahim too at the same age like him. nevertheless,we have good backup players from Olympic squad that i observed like Wan Zack, Guru, Steven Robbart and even Irfan Fazail who plays in midfield but constant scorer in the team. FYI,even big nation like Indonesia are now taking naturalisation players in the squad. But we proved that we could beat them against Indonesia,only now when we lost to Singapore,people has lost trust to team and Rajagobal.