Thursday, August 04, 2011

Kingdom Tower in Jeddah : World's Tallest Tower planned!

Source was taken from Graphic News, bear in mind Gigantic Clock Tower in Mecca at 577metres has eclipsed Taipei 101 as 3rd tallest building in the world

The investment firm owned by Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal has contracted the Bin Laden Group to build the world’s tallest tower – the more than 1,000m-high Kingdom Tower in Jeddah. Graphic shows features of building and comparison with world’s tallest buildings.

I remembered the answer given from our Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H to Gabriel (Jibril) purporting as handsome man asked about the 'Judgement' day as being narrated by Islam, Iman and Ihsan hadith.Thus he mentions many signs of the 'Hour' because only Allah knows when the occurrence of
the day. The interesting part of the of the various signs be it major or minor signs was when the Prophet said:

".. when you see the barefoot, naked, poor, shepherds arrogantly uprise and elevate buildings. "

Who are these shepherds referred by Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H?
It is none other than Baudouin (Badwi) or Arabic tribes who traditionally known as successful shepherd.

Looking back facts Arabs country race between themselves building tall buildings and there are two tallest buildings in the holy land would make me think it has gone madness level like they forgot or did not know the hadith from Prophet. One thing clear, how swift Allah justify the hadith of Prophet Muhammad that the Judgment day is coming near to us.

Subhanallah, a sign of Judgement day is just beside the Kaabah

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