Monday, August 29, 2011

"Malaysia need to improve football world ranking",Tengku Abdullah

They, FAM noticed the shortcomings but nothing had been done

The expression of frustration that has long been kept in Am_7riel's heart about the significant of A type international matches despite now and only comments made by Vice-President FAM Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah voicing out his concerns on Malaysia world ranking to attract local talents playing abroad especially in EPL.

I wonder whether he and other FAM reps aware that to have good ranking was not merely win matches sanctioned by FIFA but it comes along with providing national team with at least an A type friendly once in a month.

Do they know the significant of national team having A type international matches instead of having EPL clubs or any few other clubs playing against national team just for having sake to fill up the slot of international friendlies so they will have so called 'competitive matches' yet letting English wannabe to watch their beloved teams above the national team? I doubt they do. Look at his comment showed glimpses of unawareness of which matches is countable on FIFA world ranking and one is which not,
"Kalau boleh kita perlu membaiki ranking kita bukan sekadar kita menang Sukan SEA atau Piala Suzuki tetapi apa yang lebih penting lagi adalah di peringkat Piala Asia dan Sukan Olimpik,"ujarnya.

Should i think positively the statement made by Tengku is more like self-reminder and to his EPL wannabe committees on their negligence of their duties to provide team with more meaningful match in tandem with their renaissance of awareness that the mistakes would never reoccurred in the future.

Lets hope FAM spearheaded with Tengku Abdullah's wisdom words and sights that Malaysia would have quality matches yet will have chance in improving our world ranking rather than having meaningless circus matches like what we had few months back impetus on many disadvantages to our national team rather than good with notable causes lead to our losses to old foes, Singapore.

This October, Malaysia will play against Australia in the match we were invited but what is next for our national team? I reserved this question to Tengku and his committee to answer it.

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