Saturday, August 13, 2011

National Football Transfer News - Baddrol Bakhtiar surprised trials with Wigan?

The Latics or Wigan are offering trials to Kedah attacking midfielder,Baddrol Bakhtiar reported in the UK's growing football site,

According to the site, one of the reason why he is being considered due to the Latics want to tap the huge market of EPL brand in Malaysia generally.

For some who still figures out who is the lad, Baddrol has excelled in recent years playing with Kedah in Malaysia Super League and is a consistent name in Malaysia football team.

His ability to play in any position in midfield as a wide man,or even behind striker,blistering pace while having dribbling abilities and a dead-ball specialist are abilities that rarely have in Malaysian players. He is one of 2 Malaysian players been sent for 2 weeks training in Chelsea.

Who would not forget his goal that upset Yemen's players?


KhaiRin said...

i pray for baddrol..1 of my fav players

Am_7riel said...

me too mate,me too...he carries all Malaysia passionate football fans' hope to see our players playing in top flight in England.Or at least playing in Division one since EPL has a rule allowing players who came from country in top 100 ranks FIFA(not remember specific ranks) to play there.