Monday, August 29, 2011

National Football Transfer News - Safiq Rahim offered 3 weeks trial from Cardiff City

3 weeks trial with Cardiff City

Cardiff City,a club currently playing in England 2nd division have offered 3 weeks trial to national central midfielder, Safiq Rahim through their chairman who is Malaysian entrepreneur, Dato Chan Tian Ghee.

Though chances to see our players bring happiness to Malaysian UK wannabe by playing with UK based club is still a universe away but it seems realistically due to more relaxed regulations to play in England second tier league which also known as Coca-Cola Championships rather than in EPL.

Even as Safiq Rahim prepares for his impending trials with Cardiff City, words of cautions have been voiced out against getting hopes overly high amongst excited Malaysians.

We have to remember that Cardiff City and QPR (recently linked with offering Safee Sali trials with them) are meant businesses, either commercially and on the pitch by ensuring they have only the best players they could afford.
With stakes are so high, no run-off-the-mill player can expect to earn a contract through the back door.

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