Thursday, August 04, 2011

Perfect start for YOUNG TIGERS in Slovakia stint

3 consecutive wins for our under 23 football team or synonymly Young Tigers since their first match in Slovakia.

26 July 2011- YOUNG TIGERS 1 - 0 Bodva Moldova
30 July 2011- YOUNG TIGERS 2 - 1 Topvar Topolcany
3 August 2011- YOUNG TIGERS 2 - 1 Tatran Liptovsky Mikulas

Upcoming matches (source courtesy of FAM):
9 August 2011- YOUNG TIGERS vs Honved Budapest
16 Aug 2011- YOUNG TIGERS vs Dolny Kubiu
23 Aug 2011- YOUNG TIGERS vs FC Nitra
26 Aug 2011- YOUNG TIGERS vs FC Levice

I read somewhere that there are 2 competitive matches awaited for our YOUNG TIGERS to pit their skills with Austria u23 and Slovakia u23. But again, this is yet to be confirmed.

2 comments: said...

proud wif them!

Am_7riel said...

hopefully the can show gritty Young Tigers for final round of pre-olympic,competing with other best 12 teams in Asia