Thursday, August 11, 2011

Same tune,am_7riel with Mr pundit, Shebby Singh

After disappointing lost to Singapore in eliminating 28millions of Malaysian to watch our team advancing to World Cup 3rd round, people criticized harshly to our national coach Dato K Rajagobal and his players who lifted Sea Games Gold Meddle and AFF Cup 2010. These people even strongly urged Dato K to step down as national blaming him as reason of failure to secure the 3rd round spot.

I lauded differently opinion with them including famous pundits and football commentator,Shebby Singh who coincidentally came from same hometown like myself, Kluang Johor to not losing hope to the team and too concern to change the coach or shuffling entire batch of players because it would not do us good.

And YES! Why do blame now? Did we forget we only lifted AFF Cup but not World Cup. Even top teams like Spain or Brazil sometimes will have their trying time, why we are so difficult to understand in any games like this knockout stage there would be a side who will losing and another side of winning? We would not always winning, would we?

Read down here and enjoy. Source taken from Bernama News.

Football: Shebby Wants Fans To Continue Supporting Harimau Malaya And Coach

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 10 (Bernama) -- ESPN and Starsports commentator, football pundit and former international, Serbgeth Singh or simply known as Shebby Singh, wants football fans in the country to continue believing in coach Datuk K. Rajagobal and the Harimau Malaya boys.

Shebby when met at the launch of ESPN STAR's exciting new 2011/2012 football season to fans across the region today, with an extensive bouquet of original football shows and exciting new presenters, said fans must continue believing in the team despite failing to make the third round of the 2014 World Cup Qualifier after losing to Singapore.

"Ups and down in performance of a team or individual player is normal and I personally have fate in the team and coach," he said.

Malaysia's dreams of advancing to the next stage was dashed after losing 4-6 on aggregate to Singapore.

He added that after the failure, a number of factors must be given due consideration, especially the reason for the loss, drop in performance of players, knowledge of coaches at all levels and whether Malaysian football can move a notch higher.

"Do not be too concerned about changing players or coach just because of one or two failure but rather give the team a chance to rebuild as the team was formed sometime ago," he said.

He added that sometimes failure is an important part in the learning process because no team can continue winning forever.

"This will serve as a reminder for the team to not rest on its laurel after winning the gold medal at the Laos SEA Games in 2009 and the AFF Suzuki Cup in 2010.

"The loss will help spur the team and coach to acquire better knowledge and better technical skills to equip themselves for the challenges ahead," he said.

Shebby said it would not be proper to just blame the defence for the loss since they were the same players who were in the team that won the AFF Suzuki Cup.

"Why blame them now. The best thing to do now is to find out why their performance had dropped drastically," he said.

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