Monday, August 15, 2011

Universiade 2011 -Malaysia vs Brazil

Dont be surprised with the scorelines, our players showed the gap is not huge!

Malaysia 1 - 2 Brazil

There is nothing to lose to Malaysia despite were ruled out to advance as one of top two teams in B group comprised of football powerhouses like Brazil, Ukraine and Russia.

Malaysia once again lost after bowed out to 2007 champions, Ukraine in their opening match but this time to mighty Brazil and currently are the bottom of the group.

Malaysia were totally outclassed in the first 45 minutes with samba style from Brazil. It resulted them was trailing with one goal down in 21st minutes by Brazil's talisman Jeffersom Berger.

Malaysia tried to cope with Brazil style of play whilst once in a while doing assault and eventually was able to find an equaliser but it was not enough to stop Jeffersom Berger in 70 minutes from netting a second goal to Brazil and personally. A consolation goal came in 88' minutes from Bunyamin Omar.

There will be last match that would not give any meaning but Am_riel hopes that our players will show gritty spirits to at least secure a point with Russia. Who knows we could?

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