Thursday, August 11, 2011

Young Tigers in Slovakia - Result of the 4th match

Young Tigers 1 vs 4 Budapest Honved

Perfect start oddly was vanquished despite strengthened with 6 players who are common names in national senior squad when they lost to Hungary's 1st division club, Budapest Honved.

Those 6 players are likes Khairul Fahmi Che Mat (GK), Muslim Ahmad, Fadhli Shaas and Mahali Jasuli(Defender), K.Gurusamy(defence midfielder), Ahmad Fakri Saarani(Striker). Another player Izzaq Faris Ramlan who plays as striker meanwhile was not fielded in this match.

Ong Kim Swee when being asked what is the cause of the first defeat, he stated that mistakes while defending and losing concentration have caused us conceded easy goal. "Lackadaisical to some players too are the reason on why we lost," added him again.

Honved 3-0 lead at halftime through a penalty Ivancsies Gelleri (9), an own goal from Mahali Jasuli (31) and Lukas Zelenka (45). In minutes 54, Wan Zack Wan Haizal scored for Young Tigers before Honved added the 4th goal by Cirino Danies (61).

Results of matches that they had been through so far:

26 July 2011- YOUNG TIGERS 1 - 0 Bodva Moldova
30 July 2011- YOUNG TIGERS 2 - 1 Topvar Topolcany
3 August 2011- YOUNG TIGERS 2 - 1 Tatran Liptovsky Mikulas
9 August 2011- YOUNG TIGERS 1 -4 Honved Budapest

Upcoming matches:

16 Aug 2011- YOUNG TIGERS vs Dolny Kubiu
23 Aug 2011- YOUNG TIGERS vs FC Nitra
26 Aug 2011- YOUNG TIGERS vs FC Levice

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