Saturday, September 24, 2011

History : Is it our own Gunung Ledang is the Mount of Ophir?

The mystical Mount Ledang is Mount Ophir?

It has been written in Biblical Old Testament , King Solomon or we known as Prophet Sulaiman had sent ships for the finest gold and almug woods or too many known it as Red Sandalwood which grows only in Southeast-Asia. 

The ships sailed from Red sea port,Ezion Geber and headed to east due to the period taken to come and forth to Palestion was 3 years. If it is in Africa who many claimed as the Ophir of Solomon but such passage would be easily reached less than 3 years!

The real location of Ophir has been subject of much debate but in Old Testament it was stated not just Gold ore that was brought from Ophir by Hiram fleets but also valuable almug woods and stones. 

Many of who has believed it was Malaysia peninsular, where the gold mountain lies. Huge gold ore had been extracted that was still unknown to the natives and according to them, there was few relics in unidentified written which was believed as many as Hebrew relics but unfortunately this could be claimed as huge point was ransacked during English invasion where they had taken all valuable history facts as to cleansing the proudest nation of Malaya and Kingdom of Malacca. If my claim was a baseless, then tell me why this mountain had been called as Mount of Ophir by them? 

Deep down in my heart, i felt these relics had been brought to their keeps or perhaps in the museum like how historics document during Malacca Sultanate was in Lisbon Museum if it was not by Portuguese who invaded Malacca Kingdom in 1511?

Is our Mount Ledang is the Mount of Ophir stated in Biblical Old Testament? I could not telling the answer yet evident strongly showed it is.
Ironically if you could see one hotel named as Hotel Ophir. Subsequently, this was not the reason why i said it is.

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