Tuesday, September 20, 2011

iPad3 is going to be released?

iPad3 is rumored to be released anywhere from this fall to early next year, would not debut until next year. 

Perhaps you may but lets people who had bought the recent release iPad2 to relished their moments until the iPad3 is released. 

That is what i had been heard and knew from experts and analysts globally. To anyone who had intention to buy iPad2, just forget it and wait until iPad3 is released. 

Waiting is suffering? Maybe...
but sometimes, waiting could gain you something more precious. Don't you agree?


KhaiRin said...

mmm da kuar ipad 5 br agk nyer sy bli ipad2 hikhikhik

Am_7riel said...

that was so funny,seriously...lol

Am_7riel said...

khairin: were u referring to iPhone or iPad?