Sunday, September 25, 2011

KK Vacation : Blogging from Nexus Karambunai

Departed from KL

We left home as early as 7am since we have to catch up with our flights at 9.25am but unfortunately flight was delayed due to some circumstances. Thanks to my parent who coincidentally came down to KL to celebrate my father's birthday and they voluntarily want to send us to airport.

Zahra and i before the plane take off

A cumulonimbus cloud clearly seen here from our window
We have to use many ways as such as taking photos of here to calm down our princess Zahra from making noise due to restless 2 hours journey  for infant like her.

Another way and the effective ways above others, put the pacifier into her mouth. LOL!

Arrival at KK

Finally arrived at Nexus Karambunai after 2 hours journey on the plane. Yeah, you heard me. I am staying at Nexus Karambunai(wrote this proudly,lol), a resort that never thought in my head that one day i will set my foot here. It is about 45 minutes from KK city centre.
Ok, stop writing for today, now it is time for me to look for a car rental and searching for meals to entertain my empty stomach.

At our resort just after stepped into the room. Awesome and what a good start for our vacation here.

Look how happy our princess even by laying down on the fluffy bed.

The background is the balcony facing the sea. Cool isn't?

Our big room at Nexus here. Looks how comfortable my princess even we leave her alone without looking her closely.

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