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KK Vacation : Blogging from Nexus Karambunai - Day 2

Day 2 : Exploring the city

In the 1st chapter,i have shared my experience here like searching for a car rental and my arrivals at Nexus Karambunai on my very hours after stepped on a land below the wind.

Prior loading all stuffs into my room,i immediately asking around where i could get car rental. Here shuttle bus is provided but for me it is not suitable for tourists like me who would relished every hours until you closed your eyes but it was due to you have to follow its schedule and only lasts until 5pm!

The worst part,as adult you will be charged RM27 per journey! Imagined how much it will cost me! Crazy isn't it?

Huge amount that i have to pick out from my wallet just to go and forth from Kota Kinabalu which is about 45 minutes adrift from Nexus Karambunai. 

So, i have to fork out RM160,seriously though i am not sure till now whether it is bargain price or otherwise but with that i have got Myvi with me per day. Another RM50 is charged for delivery fees. Willingly or otherwise, i have to, dont i?

In the morning

I had some waffles, a porridge, 2 half boiled eggs, some fruits as dessert for my lil breakfast at Kingfisher Restaurant, i went off to KK town. The first place i visited was Atkinson Clock Tower. It is situated on the hill facing the town, adjacent to Police Station and Padang Merdeka.

The historic part on the clock tower, it was instructed to be built by the mother of KK's (that time it was known as Jesselton City) first district officer in memory of her son who died tragically from tropical disease at age of 28. It was one of 3 pre-world war 2 buildings that stood still from massive destruction  during war. Uniquely, the clock is still ticking!

Then i went up just few meters above from the clock tower to reached at Signal Hill Observatory Platform. It is believed the highest point of the city and one of good place where you could have the whole city view which outlaying the seas further. 

By the time i started my car engine i realized that the gas is running out and to ensure i will reach foothill again I've opted to use fresh air instead of car air-conditioned. The journey continues after interim stopped at petrol station in the heart of city. 

The next place we've visited was Sabah Tourism Board Building which it was one of colonial building that still standing tough from Allied bombings during World War 2. We have to walk to reach to the there due to all parking spaces around the building was occupied and we parked the car within 5-7 minutes walk. 

Located at the same street as Sabah Tourism Board Building you would find a Jesselton Hotel. The sun was like on top of our head that time, so we stopped by at Oldtown just opposite the hotel to quench our thirst. After getting our energy back, we walked to Australian place as stated in map that i first get at the airport. It was stated this place was a place the Aussie soldiers camped when they landed at the city but i misunderstood 'camp' as a place where they resided. Unfortunately,camp here as i understood was a place where the soldiers fixed their tents as shelter as soon they reached the land here in the city. Disappointed? Yes, deeply i was same with my wife due to we have to walk under scorching suns and with tricking sweat underneath our shirts. So hot that we could not resist.

Yes,it was so hot but i felt it was much hotter looking at all local craft made sold at Philippines Market that tempted you to buy them all with bargained prices. We spent almost RM500 for pearls, brooches and few magnet fridges with Sabah emblazoned on top of it.  Sounds piece of business? Ah, i am unsure about that when shopped with woman.
I also bought few delicacies from market nearby like amplang and kuih cincin for my tid-bits at home.

We adjourned our activity at town by going back to Nexus to have some splashing activity on the beach and at swimming pool. Important to remember that here in KK, the night falls earlier at 6pm so we managed to reach our resort at 4pm.

I had best time on challenging myself with medium size of waves that i really think it suits for anyone who could do board surfing. I tried to bring Zahra, my daughter to get use with swimming at her tender age but as soon as her foot touched the sea, she started to cry out loud. As loud as far as my wife sat at lazy chair at the beach. I tried to calm her down and soon after she stopped crying, i tried again bringing her with me into the sea. But same as earlier, she cried. So,i have to give her back to her mom's arm while i had some few minutes alone in the sea.

Then we all heading to swimming pool as what for having stay at high class resort that have pool but you would never get use of it? Another reason was because i thought maybe Zahra would not afraid of swimming pool compared to big ocean but as soon she touches the water in swimming pool, she cries. Cry that could make everyone looked at you what is happening. But i made thick face because it is my baby and i was teaching her to get comfort with swimming.

At 7.30pm,we continued searching out for dinner that i've failed on our first night locating the best sea foods advertised by taxi driver who drove us to Nexus. 

We met with my wife's colleague,Ms Claudia who was at the same vacation like us here in KK. She advised to join her and mom at the best seafood place ever in KK at Kampung Air foodcourt. Here, every sea foods that you would like to have is guaranteed is fresh one! 

Why i dare to say that is because all sea foods are being kept fresh in the aquariums.
While i was so busy enjoying moments looking and choosing what i will be having, i realized one celebrity standing just besides of my wife. She is Irma Hasmy. My wife thought she was here just to release here tense since her ex,Nabil will held his wed next week. But i guess my wife was wrong since we saw another actress, Liyana is also here at same place we have had our dinner.

So what did i have for our dinner there?
I chosed 2 crabs for blackpepper cooked, one plate with massive sized of oysters for omelette cooked and one big size of sea carp fish cooked with nyonya style and one plate of veggies. 
How much for all these including two bowl of rice and drinks? I had fresh orange while my wife just enough with hot tea.
You must be surprised, it was only RM129.50.
Yeah, i have to agreed that is the best place for you to enjoy the sea foods.

After had enough with our dinner, we have gone back to resort to fresh ourselves for tomorrow activity. 

Tomorrow, we've planned to go to Kinabalu park! Here we go!

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