Thursday, September 29, 2011

KK Vacation : The end is here

Now back to KL which means WORK and how Zahra has became instant hit infant in KK (LOL)

Safely landed LCCT today at 1645Hours but as soon as i reached here, the mood suddenly swifted to work. 
Yeah, i suggest it made me calmer when having 2 gorgeous FA in our flight back to KL...A land of workloads, as opposed with Sabah, a Land below the wind. I'd say it is a worldly paradise!
I really cannot wait for the next vacation to Bandung.

Isn't it nice everyday is vacation day?
Nexus Karambunai, i have already missed my temporary stints there. 
No wonder, some says it's heaven! (that is their punchline

I will published (no mood actually since mind is still thinking of works, works and works...hopefully there will be no callback this Saturday & Sunday) on what had happened during the 3rd day which we all conquering Mount Kinabalu. Did you really believed that? Mount Kinabalu yes, you have to believe but not until the top for sure. Moreover with fussy Zahra (my 8 months daughter and only child in my family) it would be miracle if we could survived carrying like a bag of rice until the top. 

And how Zahra, once again had capitulated stardom attraction by receiving a pearl bracelet F.O.C at Philippines Market when we came there for a second time. In fact, anywhere she had caught attention alike celebrity. Even foreign tourist who passed by will come over, touch her fluffy cheeks and snap photos of her. What a truly talent of infant model,huh?

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