Saturday, September 24, 2011

Olympic 2012 Qualifier : Japan 2 vs 0 MALAYSIA

It is nothing wrong by deploying total defensive approach

Have we forgotten that JAPAN are Asian champs!
Have we forgotten half of their players are playing trade in the best league in Asia and some are playing with prominent clubs in Europe?
Have we forgotten that they are the same team who had beaten us by 2-0 in Asian Games recently though that time we crafted history by advanced to second round after how many years?
So why so many critics lambasted to tactical approached by coach Ong Kim Swee?

Did we too optimistic by saying we have 3 Slovakian based players was enough to upset mighty Japan?
or Have we been blinded by virtues as one of 12 best teams in Asia after qualifying to the 3rd round so we could say we could stands tall with teams like Japan, South Korea or even with Iran? Nyeh, dont mention the plastic Aussie who claimed they are part of Asian. Fucking bastard!

By advancing to 3rd round, it only reveals how much gap do we have with top teams in Asia and from here, hopefully many sides would realized lot of works need to be done in reducing the gaps between them especially  loser and pathetic FAM has failed thus far in providing competitive platform as well as to gather as many of players for our pool talents.

Yes, we lost easily but we lost to the best team in ASIA! There is nothing wrong with tactical approach as the objective we played there was to spoil the party by sharing a point, but indeed it was merely too fantasy by looking how nonthreatening of our counter-attack was.

No point of looking back. FAM must do something to improvise our league quality, only then we will have quality players. 

To Ong Kim Swee and his charges, do not give up. We have more important games ahead, to defend our gold medals in SEA games and 2 home games for the next Olympic fixtures.

To Malaysians who does feel they wanted to change their colors, be realistic! If you guys could stand behind your so-called team of Kops, MengYu, Chelshits of MengShitty then i wonder why cant you do the same with your own country! Hey,smarthead, come-on! Open your purse and take your identity card if it was so hard to understand you are Malaysian.

From TOSU, thanks to Japan for their learning curve during the game and GAMBATE to our young boys despite this hurting loss.

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