Monday, September 19, 2011

Virtualization: Knowing the XenServer

XenServer: What is server virtualization

Why do you need virtualization?Why do you need to bother if you are a system administrator?

Was it for a good sake of it's hype and buzz around the virtualization itself without knowing how advantageous it will gives you compared to traditional method?

It was all come to 'Money', how much do you need to spend but on the other ends knowing how much it will gain for your business.

While in business terms, it was all come to easier to integrate, manage and automate comparing to physical server management in data centre. With virtualization, it will lessen all pains you had endured with simplication virtual data centre.

Watch the video to learn how different virtualization in changing the structure of managing data centre while simplifying the workload system administrators usually have to face.

Now,i am learning on citrix technology as much as how i keen in expanding my knowledge in its rival which is another leading virtual technology, VMware.

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