Saturday, September 24, 2011

World Car-Free Day - In Klang Valley

Many words, IMPROVE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATIONS first before we are ready to have car-free day. If we are having seamless public transportations while have ample park and ride facilities, it will be everyday is car-free day in Klang Valley.

It is just matter a less hassle and no choice of public transportations at their living are opted them to drive to workplace. Even for some place there are buses, people does not like hassle by hopping into 3 or 4 buses just to ensure them arrived at their workplace and later have to switch onto lrt mode. It is inconvenient! I wonder who is smartass arranged our public transportations in Klang Valley. (Fucking dumbass!)

Commuters too always complaint on impractical design of our bus-stop that hardly could shelter them from rainy days. 

Start from the basic please, then our road would be a pleasant journey to have everyday!

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