Tuesday, October 04, 2011

ALBERT shelving unit from IKEA

ALBERT shelving unit

Phew..i have just completed fixing this newly shelving i bought at IKEA 
after so much hard-works doing it alone . I wish i would have with me screw machine with me but nehhh, if i have some money then i would buy it.

As for now, i really think the money should better use for other purpose that i would really need. It is true with that,completion time 
could be shortened to fix the shelve for example.

Lets take example for the shelve, it took about one year for me to own it. Just ask my wife, how many times if we went to IKEA or by any chance accompany our family from hometown loitering around Damansara we would went home empty-handed or just bought small stuffs there.

Despite of my home almost half were IKEA made but does not meant i am frequent visitor to IKEA. It is only item that i do really think i would need and fit for that reason then i would withdraw money to get it. Same as ALBERT shelving unit to complement another IKEA shelving unit, GORM that i fit it in my store room.  Now it could make the place tidier and neat.

Maybe if i got time, i will publish the same entry with photos on how both shelving units complement each other in my store room. 

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