Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bon appetit! Interesting dining places

I bet you would starving like hell after watching this video
3 interesting dining places, it was not due to its majestic names or themes or classy places
but it was chosen as interesting place to be dined because its FOOD!
First, if you would like to have brunch with ginormous 12 eggs omelette at Beth's Cafe
Secondly the scrumptious onion ring and its crabby patty like burger that won accolades many time,RED MILL BURGERS. saliva is drooling while typing this.
Lastly having a fresh sea feast for your dinner at THE CRAB POT restaurant. Here,you will enjoy the uniqueness by having all the foods right onto your table! 

Why we dont have such things here in Malaysia? certainly gives me ideas!


Murni said...

I know ur ideas :)
When to start?.. & I will support u my dear... :)

Am_7riel said...

thanks syg...hmm,dunno where or when to start coz the only thing now is money money money....