Friday, October 28, 2011

Bon appetite! Beth's Cafe 12-eggs omelette

Last night i watched Travel and Living Channel (TLC) and was stumbled upon this Man vs Food series which in this episode Adam the programme host brought us and(oh,dont ask which episode coz i seriously did not aware of it) highlighted on some seafood restaurant and another awesome dining place (in which i clearly remember its name,BETH's Cafe) to indulge your appetite for a brunch. It is located in Seattle and its special menu would be 12-eggs omelette. Yes,you heard me,12 eggs!

During the programme was being aired,i realized Adam was asking to a group of like Malaysian students but i seriously could not confirm it. My hunch telling me that they are Malaysian and that would be great to me to try the foods here if it is HALAL, who knows one day i came to this place! Maybe somebody who is Muslim and ever visited or had dining experiences here could share with me since i was curious whether it is HALAL food.

I have found some comments on this famous cafe in internet and also its own official website of Beth's Cafe. Oh my gosh, watching this programme really makes me craving for delicious foods! I envy you, be honest.

Comments from revellers,here and official Beth's cafe homepage is here. You may watch the Man v Food for this episode embedded video from youtube in the bottom of this article but watch out your saliva drooling from your lips,aha!

OMG, what a size! Can you finish it alone?

Just look how much big the size of 12 eggs omelette with ordinary size of men!

The Malaysian group that i was telling earlier being approached by Adam,the Man v Food host

The video of  Beth's Cafe was aired on Man v Food


Murni said...

Kalo kt overseas normally no pork n no alcohol, considered can eat :)but its depend on you dear...

Am_7riel said...

hmm,seriously it will be hard for me to get used with it.Very very hard especially when u grown up and instilled with Islamic values in all ways