Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hunting a place called HOME

Unexpectedly there was no call-back for these 2 days which trust me i have waited for these moments to come. I have had not opportunities to lay back at home and spending time with beloved called family. If there was, i only had time watching astro and then gone to sleep due to tiresome at works. It was blessing disguised as well since my daughter,Zahra has fallen ill due to fever. I could use this to take care of her which until now i am watching her closely. Hopefully she will be doing fine. If there was no any improvements, maybe i will need to take emergency leave when my next cycle of shift kicked off on Wednesday. Pray the best for Zahra!

These 2 days were the days where i cleaning up my store-room which i have not had the opportunity to do it for the past 2 years! Imagine that. Works works and works. Now, the self converted maid-room cum store room is neat and tidy compared to the past. Windows are all well clean as well. The same with kitchen.

I also took this opportunity to look for some potential properties for me in the next few years as place we called it as HOME. If you ask me, there are lot of potentials place but realistically i was not interested in northern klang valley like Saujana Utama in Sungai Buloh, or Nusa Rhu at Puncak Alam or any properties nearby. It is too far and all the money will all went to transportation costs. 

To be honest, i would love to buy properties at a place where i am currently renting, at Bukit Jalil. Tranquility, amenities are nearby and in the heart of Puchong while having option whether want to use expressways or trunk road unlike other places in Puchong where you have to whether like it or not to use LDP expressways.

But i guess lady luck was not with me, if not for now i have already a property at here if it was not some retarded landlord who cancelled my S&P in very last minutes. I was fortunate enough that the agent and S&P lawyer agreed to return back the money i paid to them which is not some chunk of money! Lesson learnt, if you would like to buy subsale property and to prevent that to happen again i am now preferred to buy new development property like Desa Saujana@ Saujana Putra that i went today.

It was coincident event since at first i decided only to view some properties at Saujana Putra from different developer,LBS like Topaz 4, Ivory and Pear(Townhouse). My wife and i were really interested to take a look on Ivory(semi-d) but it was sold out and will only release its new phase maybe at the end of this year or maybe next year. Apart of this property, none had attracted my attention.

Frustrated i decided to take a look properties at Nilai Impian developed by Sime Darby, though heavy-hearted have to admit that it is might our potential residency left. Trust me, Southern corridor like Saujana Putra until Nilai will be the next big thing but Nilai quite further compared to Saujana Putra and it is only 10 minutes away from first LRT station for Putra Heights extension link. On my way back heading to Elite expressways i saw advertisement board of this property Desa Saujana and i thought why not give a try to have a look? So,i immediately diverted to the show room instead going off to Nilai. 
I was quite impressed with the build up area and with the price of you pay with the quality that you would get and who knows, i might own it which i could call it as HOME SWEET HOME! Now, waiting for the property agent to call me for the next process!
Ivory residences that had captivated my heart. But i was late!

DESA SAUJANA@SAUJANA PUTRA. Dont get me wrong,this is aint my number.


Murni said...

Hope that we got a good news from them!!!

Am_7riel said...

now waiting for bank loan approval....if yes,the house will be ours.