Tuesday, October 11, 2011

International Friendly: Why MALAYSIA lost heavily 0-5 to Aussie?

If you ask me, i would say we were too hesitant when the ball is at our feet.
We gave too much respect to Aussie players when supposed it is our platform that we should capitulate to show to the world how good the team in 147th in the world playing football. But it turned as a nightmare.

Our players were too scared when had given golden opportunities to show their talents except nippy flankers who are now with Olympic squad Wan Zaharulnizam. Others, were all like scrap, sorry to say this. 
Our play is not much different with Thais and Indonesia, but why when we were against big team we fell down easily? Vietnam showed how much they had challenged Japan until the very last minutes which eventually they lost with 0-1 but they fought bravely and not with parking bus in the penalty box. Yes,we are talking of Japan senior team that Vietnam faced. But we played like schoolboys when our young squad against the young samurai, didnt they?

Why? Unlike our ASEAN neighbours,we held too much respect to big team when knowing you had slighted chance to win against team and intimidated to show off what do you get against them!
We could and capable to at least held Aussie to be honest like what Indonesia done by sharing the spoils not long ago with a goal from Bambang Pamungkas steals the draw. So,why cannot we do the same?
It is all back to our WINNING MENTALITY, to be honest that we should polished off. Technicality we are not less compared to the big team.
As a fact, that was the first time we had beaten by 0-5 after being mauled by UAE when Malaysia coached by B.Sathianathan. The match that i would not forgotten easily as i was there supporting for Malaysia.

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