Wednesday, October 05, 2011

VCP 4.1 - vNetwork Standard Switch

Components of vNetwork Standard Switches
You may need to know,remember and distinguish the terms of each components consist in vNetwork. v here means virtual.

vNetwork components
  1. virtual machine (vm)
  2. vNIC, virtual network adapters.
  3. pNIC or interchangeably we called it as an UPLINK or VMNIC.
  4. vSwift or service console
  5. vSwitches,virtual switches that its functionality is same like physical switches.But why do we need physical switches too,when the vSwitches alone is having same functionality alike?The answer lies on vSwitches allow vm on the same host to communicate with each other. They also support vlan. Another advantage is NIC teaming, a capability of binding multiple VMNICs together. 
  6. physical switches
Each ESX/ESXi host can have one or more vSwitches. 
Maximum vSwitches can be created on single host is 127.
Default number of logical port is 56 but it can goes to 4088 (maximum).

Three types of connection
  1. vm connectivity
  2. vmkernel for accessing IP storage as such NFS,iSCSI and also for vmotion
  3. service console, for remote management on ESX host

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