Monday, November 21, 2011

A 6 year old Muhammad Izzat Daniel who had turned down Chelsea invitation

A great loss indeed!!!

2 years ago on NST it was reported a 6 year old Malaysian boy Muhammad Izzat Daniel received invitation to join Chelsea FC Elite Training programme but the joy was short-lived due to he has to come back to Malaysia after his mum graduating her Phd studies in UK. As she has finished her studies, the whole family will return to Malaysia next month.

It was a dream come true not just to the kid but also to his father Nor Hisham who was an engineer in profession and firm supporter of Chelsea FC.

He had earlier taken Daniel to trial sessions at Chelsea training grounds in Cobham during an Easter break where Daniel emerged best player for the under sevensDaniel was asked to join further trials where he again excelled, impressing Chelsea coaches who sent him another invitation to join the Chelsea FC Elite Training Centre in Surrey.

Since the age of two, Daniel had shown tremendous talent and thus his parent taken him to join Oxford under 7 team where he played as striker. Coach in Oxford was impressed by his speed and dribbling skills.This was a story of a boy who attended trials with Chelsea just for a treat from his parent and chosen among 25 players to join the advance team.He was Muhammad Izzat Daniel.

Yes it was a great loss especially it was very hard to convince Malaysian parent that choosing football as career path or to choose football as serious thing ahead of study. But considering UK's football program is a solid structure with educational arrangement to ensure the youngsters not slipped out from study and well balanced with sport developments. 

I am not blaming his parent though as a parent myself i really understand how it feels when being part from our child since his tender age. Let alone the distance between you and him is challenging feelings to any parent in this world.

Any hints where is he now and what he is up to now?



Anonymous said...

I'm Izzat Daniel's dad. I must admit that I have made a mistake to turned down the offer for his Chelsea training. At the moment, he is like other children in Malaysia who play football at a small training ground with no proper guide with a good coach. This is what make none of our player can play in UK because if they want to get a place in one of club in UK, they have to start at my son age.

Thanks for your entry

Am_7riel said...

Hi there,Hisham...thanks for your response.Did not expect the reply was from Daniel's father instead.Well,here in Malaysia we have a lot community club that participated in national youth league usually held in weekend at MBPJ field,opposite Amcorp Mall. I am quite sure with these community club structure,your son could polish and hone his skills with them. It is not too late i assume.I wish best luck to both of you!