Friday, November 18, 2011

Applaud to Malacca and Pahang for harsher laws on Muslim gays

In a wake of annual sexuality were crackdown and canceled that created bustling in media recently ,two states bravely being forefront in amend their state laws to punish Muslims who engage in homosexuality. It is a good move especially thinking of that this kind of behavior would become norm among Muslims who synonymously in Malaysia are Malays. 

Freedom is indeed is practiced in Islam but to NGO who laudly supported this equality movement especially bringing Islam name in their association must remember ISLAM does not allow or condone this act. 

Perhaps Muslims who supported this and did so much comments on sexual equality should think and repent since the act of deviation led through many ways like from your actions and conversations. Many Surahs can be quoted but lets take example in Surah Al-Kafirun which stated 

Sahih International
For you is your religion, and for me is my religion."
"Bagi kamu ugama kamu, dan bagiku ugamaku".

In the surah above, it is clearly state but in hidden ways on how different our life as Muslim with non-Muslim.

Do i need to clarify or explain how should a Muslim justify its Islamic devotions, not just by a name or stated Muslim in their identity card to carry himself in their daily life?

No doubt the NGO would bring thousand SURAHs to counterpart mine, but there is a but, you could not pick a part of surah like how you loved to pick any pillar of Islam faith and any other than you feel do not like it you would throw it away from your life.

Remember, we have our biggest wonder still be with us that are our Hadith and Quran if we think we have deviated from our path lead by our Prophet Muhammad S.A.W and his companions!

What facts could not be changed and this clearly not condone by ISLAM.

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