Thursday, November 17, 2011

Espanyol sign Indonesian youngster


As usual in every morning that i was not working, besides of reading newspaper online i would spare my time in reading I was quite in awe after reading this news,La Liga outfit signed 18 years old Indonesian, Arthur Irawan.

Arthur Irawan during contract signing ceremony with Espanyol official

According to club officials, he is set to play with junior team before joining the senior team. Now it is up to coaching management to bring the best of him while making him adept with style of European's football level.

Interesting isn't it? I seriously think this is an exciting future for the youngster apart of Indonesian football compared with our trio(Fadhli Shas, Irfan Fazail and Wan Zack Wan Haikal) who have not yet playing more than 20 minutes on field playing with Slovakian outfits. Disappointment to be honest, perhaps it was due to some interventions from our authorization personnel to make the club loan our trio? The possibility is there.


KhaiRin said...

mesia bla lg?

Am_7riel said...

I was hoping scouts were there in SEA games when our team played.League in Europe like Belgium,Swiss or Portugal is indeed will benefits our youngsters to improve their level play. If in Asian region,opportunity to play in K-League or J-League is an opportunity that would never come twice,if ever happened.The question is When and Who?
Nonetheless,a lot of potential showed from the likes Shahrul Azwari and talented anchorman Nazmi Faiz who are just 18 and 17 years old respectively.There is concern of new faces in Young Tigers who will play in the next Sea Games 2 years from now however since many in this squad would not be able to play.