Friday, November 18, 2011

Football Sea Games - Indonesia crashed and burned by MALAYSIA!

Indonesia DIGANYANG Malaysia!

A shameful, disgraceful and unsporting Indonesian fans showed disrespect to Malaysia by making noise when our national anthem sung had served them right with embarrassing loss to defending football SEA Games champions Malaysia. 

There was nothing much of satisfying moments other than watching  Indonesia been 'GANYANG' (crushed) in front of their arrogant and psychotic supporters. It was not just for whole football matches involved Malaysia but whole contingent whether against their own team or other teams. Is this a sportsmanship we expected to have when we established the region sports tournament? 
If it is, then i really think the SEA Games had failed of its objective to instill sportsmanship among nations took part into this biennial games. 

A solitary goal by nippy flanker Shahrul Azwari in 17th minutes was enough to sink and shut the Indonesians' noises in Gelora Bung Karno Stadium. Priceless feelings!!

He came in as subsitute in 11th minutes when his compatriot Wan Zaharulnizam limped and could not continue with his game.

There was some shortcomings in spite of this elusive winning, should our lone striker Izzaq Faris profligation in front of goal converted the scoreline could be 3 or 4 nil to Malaysia. This is something that he and coach Ong Kim Swee need to address before semi final against Myanmar this 19th November 2011. In backline however, it looks very sturdy.

With Indonesia humiliation loss in front of their own spectators,MALAYSIA replacing them in top spots of Group A unbeaten while Indonesia second. Thus, MALAYSIA will meet Myanmar in semi final and Indonesia will meet Vietnam in another semi final. Another interesting fact is that with this winning,Malaysia have erased the 8 years record without winning in Gelora Bung Karno. Congratulations to our Young Tigers and hope this momentum could be repeated in semi final and bring us the coveted gold medal to repeat the success in 2009!

A goal from our winger Shahrul Azwari Ibrahim (credits to


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