Friday, November 18, 2011

Malaysian boy signed 2 years contract with QPR

13 year old Malaysian boy signed with QPR

Source: SinChew Daily

Future looks bright for Malaysian football scene but it would turned otherwise if FAM does not do their job to keep intact with the boy.

Last year in 2010, a 13-year-old Malaysian gifted footballer, Ash Hameed from Selangor, has signed a two-year contract with the Queens Park Rangers Football Club (QPR) in April 2010 that would expired until June 2012.

Ash, a left-foot striker, first raised the attention of various football clubs after helping the Crest Academy win the Middlesex Watkin League Cup for Brent Schools under-12s with a five-goal burst.
Ash's father used to be a player of the Malaysia youth football team under-18s and the Selangor football team (1988 to 1990). He decided to send Ash to England after discovering his son's high talent in playing football.
He said: "I have been giving him basic football skill training since he was young. I sent him to the local Brazil Football Centre when he was six years old.
Many coaches of the centre told me that Ash was gifted. They also suggested that I should send him to England for training.
"I brought Ash to England in 2008 and we faced some difficulties at the beginning. We had looked for many schools before Ash was accepted by the Kodak Football Club. The youth training centre of the Arsenal Football Club had also given him a training offer."
He also said that Ash had been selected as one of the eight best players of the QPR and was informed to play in an invitation tournament under-15s of an Europe football club. The participating teams included famed teams like Barcelona. However, the QPR did not send the team to play in the end and he believed that it was due to sponsorship problems.


Am_7riel said...

Where are you Ash Hameed. Do u still play with QPR academy?Anyone track where he is now?

ash said...

yes im ash hameed juss got my contract extended for 2 more yrs with qpr

Am_7riel said...

if u were really him,can i ask any update or some photo of ur action so i can post it here?Perhaps some interview as well?

ash said...

im juss 15 nd i live london! i not sure if thats possible

Am_7riel said...

dude,have you ever heard about email?we can have q&a from the email where you can post your reply and i will share your updates with others in Malaysia.