Sunday, November 20, 2011

Malaysian boys who were Wigan's trainees

It was reported in 2007, 3 Malaysian youngsters 16 year old Nazrin Baharuddin, 17 year old R Suresh and 15 year old Anond Chim were sent to England for a month stint with Wigan Athletic.

Suresh (right) with Nazrin (centre) and Chim, product from Ken Barnes Football Club Academy

Suresh was even impressed Man City officials during his first stint there.

The question is 4 years has gone since but where are they now?


qeba said...

we have a bunch of talent. and usually the talented people have brains. then it is no surprise that most of them choose study instead of being an athlete. i had seen this before after leaving school. most of my friends who used to play for the state side and some who play for the country opted for study instead of being a professional athlete. the reason behind this problems is due to that we did not have a program for the school leavers. let us see the Uruguayan today, a small country means a limited resource for a football player. instead, they are now one of the giant in football. why? in economic sense they should be one. same goes to the dutch. hence, i can say that there are a problem within our own educational and youth development system.

Am_7riel said...

there is no future for football here which i could not say no to the point
but if they look upon themselves by trying to ply their trade abroad,then it would be different story to your friend and to all dreamers out there.
We can to write the history as one of Asian giant...but until