Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Olympic 2012 Qualifiers - MALAYSIA blew the 2 goals lead and lost the game!

Mathematically, we were out for Olympic

MALAYSIA 2 - 3 Bahrain
Stadium Bukit Jalil

I still cannot how we lost the game until now, or maybe i would never accept it. Ever!

I felt devastated thinking that we only have to go through another 10 minutes to relish our first winning in AFC Olympic Qualifiers which we were drawn in same group with Asian powerhouse, Japan, Syria and Bahrain. 

I still am, and it will haunting me down even to my sleep. I bet coach Ong Kim Swee and his charged felt more than i was!

Bahrain in other hands were just playing for formality when they could not match with our superiority in game play for the whole 80 minutes let alone when they lose a player for straight red card but in the last 10 minutes was the moment made me hard to swallow the truth.

We had slipped our precious 3 points when we led comfortably by 2 goals.
What else i could say, we saw how committed they had played yesterday. 
We saw how prowess we were, how much we were bettered than them for the last 80 minutes but i was very speechless when thinking back the 2 goals lead was still not enough to prevent the losses.

The only good thing for all of us now that is we already have a very good midfielder at the tender age of 17 year old. Remember this name Nazmi Faiz Mansor,who put stellar performance since the recent SEA Games in Indonesia where he was called up as replacement for play-maker Gary Steven Robbart.

I salute our Malaysian players and i will still cherishing,chanting and supporting them, even now. Please do not get me wrong.

But to be honest, when the scoreline was 2-1 i really think our coach Ong Kim Swee should urged his players to park the bus in penalty to ensure the goal advantage could be protected. 

Mathematically we were out for Olympic contention since we only have 3 more matches to go, against Japan at home and another two are away matches against Syria and Bahrain.

Against Japan, we do not have high hopes even to get a point despite reason of playing at home turf due to quality of Samurai team when we met them in our first AFC Olympic qualifiers earlier. Unless, we play a total defensive play by park in the bus which it means putting all outfield players in front our goalkeeper.

While against Syria and Bahrain, we do have qualities to beat them but we could not make silly mistakes like how we did here. 

Lets pray, all players would able to recover from their injuries and will at their level best to gather as many points they could, if it was not able to put them through in play-off then at least to savor for our dignities. 

It was obviously showed that our gap between middle-east team were not as big as we thought. Now it is time for our players to rejuvenate and revise what had happened in 2 big games that was held recently. If they could rectify the errors they mad, Syria and Bahrain have no hope against us. Trust me!

Can you Malaysians still support them when they needing the most now?
Pride with own colors, could you?


KhaiRin said...

bkn pertama kali HM tewas sebegini... masih ada ms lg untuk bangkit... ketepikan ckp2 org dan teruskan berjuang!

Am_7riel said...

It was not the first time,but we have already lost in a streak.
Owh,i still being haunted with our 3rd losses in a row despite controlled the game comfortably by 2 goals lead. It will be very much daunting tasks,especially you have to meet the middle-east team on their own turf!

There is a possibility as always,but their fanatical fans are always behind their team as what we have seen many time when we meet them.

Our players must not have inferiority against reputable teams but instead need to grab this chance for them to show what they have got! Who would know that scouts were watching them if they able to steal the limelight,wouldnt we?