Monday, December 05, 2011

My first ever football boot

I love playing football and in fact, at some part of my tender age i was bewildered and confused whether to choose football as my career or to fulfill my childhood ambition to become a doctor. Shooh, this classified as a big secret that no one knows but i think i did not fear it anymore even if it was leaked to my parent especially my father.

It was all started at the age of 14 years old where i represented my school in a football team of under 18 in major district competitions. I can play in any position in midfield but my favourite position is playing in wide position as right midfielder. 

Please don't ask why i did not start earlier since preliminary school but in short it was due to i had forbidden by my father to not participate in any sports except badminton. To him, football is a violent sport but whatever his reason was, seriously i was not gut enough to defy his order. It would be major catastrophe if did!

I still remember vividly when i was having football training session, my school rugby coach Mr Raymond Yap asked me to play for rugby in flanker position. I do not know what terms he called it, but it is a position where usually pint sized like me fits well if you have dashing run but i have to reject it gently due to usually football and rugby schedule would collided with each other.  

Cut it short with my uninteresting histories, can you guess what was my first football boot i had ever used?
Adidas? Nike?

You were wrong.

It was unbranded boot famously called it as Fung Keong boot which it was made of canvas,the same materials like school shoes except it has rubber studs at its beneath. 
It was the boot that i had used it when i played for my class for inter school football competition and made me selected to play for my school. 

My 3rd boot Adidas Predator (second was Adidas too but forgot its series name)

I still keep it at my hometown shoe rack as for sake to show it for my children one day!

The 4th boot and the last i had ever used it during university days

Adidas Predator Mania


Murni said...

agak2 blh tgk x boot tue :)

Am_7riel said...

if ur mom in law has not threw it away,then it should be there for all of us to see it

Murni said...

nanti zahra blh la pakai lak :)