Thursday, December 01, 2011

My precious thing

I could not sleep and always have problem to sleep which explained why i wrote this post.

Made if worst was my cough still not let away from me. Terrible isn't it when you always coughing and waking up during sleep?

In fact, i was just recovered from my sudden fever caused by sore-throat. Luckily it was a swift recovery to me.

It was not much of revelation to be made,was it? Haha...quite revelations already.

I just want to share with all of you a thing that was considered my worth buy ever or jewels in my women accessories box . It is my newly car, Honda Civic. It's completed me and consider my second wife...Haha. 

Now i am setting up my target to have better life, instead of just work and work. Not least to set my sight to my another dream car, BMW.

Arghhh...what i was mumbling about. Madness!

P/s: Dont have any other intentions, just simply a post while you cannot have awaken from your disturbingly sleep.

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