Thursday, December 01, 2011

Talking rubbish about Masterchef Malaysia - Zahin & Ary Malek

Zahin eliminated finally. Serves you right even though i don't know why i felt so annoyed with him everytime i watched masterchef malaysia. Menyampah gile if Malays say.

Now next to be eliminated is Ary Malek, buzz celebrity who surprisingly chosen for this reality tv competition. Dont ask me why she would be next. As like former, i seriously dont have the answer.

Ary Malek (centre) and Zahin (wearing spectacles)

Sadly, the standard of our
I watched Masterchef Junior Australia and i can say all their 10 finalists would easily fit and won our Masterchef! 

Besides, i wonder why the other two chef apart of Chef Riz seems like following script everytime they talked and too monotonous. I think both of them need to be sacked because they made the show looks so damn boring. Don't they realized?
A shambolical programme as far as i can see!

Chef Riz (son of famously Chef Wan) flanked by two boringly scripted spoken chefs
Why on earth i am posting about Masterchef? Am, you are going crazy!!!


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