Sunday, December 04, 2011

What makes our football has so much improvement recently?

Do you know the answer?

The answer lies on emblem of previous shirts we had used and presently.
Previous shirt with FAM emblem on left chest. Do the players played for nations or FAM?

Previously, it was FAM emblem but not since 2010 it has changed to Malaysia sacred flag, Jalur Gemilang.

That was the reason behind on why our players showed their grittiness everytime they were on the pitch compared to the former. 

Sorry FAM but it was really inappropriate to put your logo ahead of Malaysia flag and i relieved finally we have used our own flag on the shirt since 2010! 

Obviously they were not playing for FAM but for our nations,were they?

Present shirt donned by our players

Now look on the legendary shirts donned in Olympic 1972 squad

And the one donned by our no other SuperMokh

Did you see these previous golden generation players donned shirt with FAM emblem or with our proudest flag on their chest?


KhaiRin said...

aha la..ada btol nyer

tarmi said...

yup.. i agree and obviously malaysian people never noticed that..

Am_7riel said...

Tarmi,i cant agreed more....

I do think it was influenced hugely by foreign leagues.For ages, we have been blindfolded in supporting them undyingly although we dont have any connectivity of any sorts of reasons to call ourselves as die hard fans whereas we showed our cold receptions toward our own National football team let alone our own states team.
It was such inhumane and disgraced actions!
I am urging everyone of Malaysians who realized they are Malaysians to bring back their vocal support to their own states team no matter how bad they performed in local league.

In fact that I am a vocal supporter to my beloved states team,JOHOR FA which are still playing in 2nd tier in Malaysia league does not even receded my faith ever to support relentlessly to the team.