Monday, March 19, 2012

Few Facts about Kelantan FA new stadium to be built

Kelantan New Stadium or would it only just on the paper?

There are few interesting facts about Kelantan FA new stadium if it is able to materialised.
The possibility somehow is in uncertainty due to political difference between state government and federal government which the new stadium idea came from KAFA president Tan Sri Anuar Musa to Malaysia Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak. It was clearly stated few months back when Najib came to Kelantan on his general election rally the 40000 seated stadium would soon be built once Kelantan is under BN's helm rather than current authority, PAS government. I still be the man of adamant hoping the stadium is going to materialised despite i am not Red Warriors fans (obviously due to there is no reason to support the team) but due to it will bring another significant rejuvenation in Malaysian football.
Not to hold the facts long enough, here i outline few facts if the stadium is built:

1] The first stadium in Malaysia to own by the football association itself rather than the current system where it is owned by city administration council.
2] The first stadium will be equipped with vip stand box similar like what famous stadium around the globe.
3] The first stadium which has futuristic and elegance design stature like Bayern Munich stadium and The Nest, Beijing.
4] The only stadium which is built specifically for football purpose with no track after Pasir Gudang Stadium, Johor.

I will be waiting more to this news update patiently.

Source: KAFA and Tan Sri Anuar Musa FB


Anonymous said...

this is political matter,dude.
i think political should not be combine with sport.are you agree?

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Leow Zhi Hoe said...

Pls do know relate politic matter to sport . This will make this a politic football not footballm