Monday, March 26, 2012

Malaysia to play Singapore


Got it from, so this must be 100% confi
rmed unless one party suddenly pull the match off

Malaysia who recently down 2 steps backward to 152th place in FIFA ranking are set to play  in 2 series of matches against Singapore. I assume our national coach Dato Rajagopal must already fed-up with all warm up matches against clubs or perhaps he has fulfilled his quota matches against domestic clubs, doesn't he? 

According to press interview, I agreed if we could repeat match against India and Philippines at our own turf, however i do not think the Aussies would ever entertained us after disastrous display against them with 0-5 scoreline.

Trying new face is not a reason any longer, thus it is not a valid. Please stop this nonsense and another nonsense by pulling out so many matches against clubs!!!!
Ranking is not an everything for some, but to me i believe that to have good seeding in any competitions especially in Asian region or World Cup qualifier is to have very decent ranking. So, is it by arranging a warm up matches against clubs would do any good to national squad? No, it is not!

Secondly, why and why is that too many new faces come in and out from national team? I am not national coach that is why certain clear i cannot question DatoRajagobal for his selection policy, am i? But clear thinking, if all first eleven who had lifted our very first AFF Suzuki Cup dont play much and frequently, how can they polish their understanding in their game play?

I seldomly seen Baddrol Bakhtiar, Ashaari Shamsuddin, or even Khyril Muhaimeen playing with national team recently when in fact they playing very good with their own team.
Calling back Syed Adney against Sarawak last night? Owh,come on....the best 3 keeper we have at the moment are Khairul Fahmi, Farizal Marlias and Nasril Nourdin. I opened for the latter but Syed Adney? Has he lost his mind?

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